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About Me

My Background

The core of my work has always been inspired by nature. I find order in the rhythmic cycles of the earth, and it is that sense of order that shields me from the world's chaos. I love the organic forms created as the earth purges and then regenerates. I am grounded by the ideology of finding catharsis of body and mind through contact with the natural world. My relationship with nature is symbiotic. I believe that as an artist, my work must serve as a form of advocacy for nature. Compositional explorations in mixed media, painting, and metal, express my keen observance of the diverse colors, textures and shapes. Early years spent roaming the creek banks and meadows of north central Arkansas and Mississippi has gifted me with a reverence for the environment. I find clarity of spirit outdoors. Working in oil, acrylic, collage on canvas, and copper and sterling, I view the process of annealing and manipulating metal to be an act of collaboration between the elements and myself. When I paint, I make work that feels organic. My work is a visual response to my time spent outdoors. 


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