Artist CV


Memphis College of Art

MFA in studio art, 2016

• Presidential Honors Graduate

• Tuition Scholarship

• Managed MCA Gallery Retail Shop

• Foundations Teacher Assistant

• 15 Hours Graduate Level Art History

• Participated in Safe CollegesTM training program

Memphis College of Art

BFA in painting, 2014

• Graduated with Honors

• EPA Safe Art Practices 

• Professional Practices training

• Workshop Instructor

Arrowmont School of Art

Certificates of Completion, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017

• Metalsmithing

• Mixed Media Painting

• Printmaking

Delta State University 1990 - 1993

Graphic Design Studies

• Consistently on Dean’s List

• Recipient of MS Press Association Award 

• Volunteered for two noncredit Insternships 


Christian Brothers University

Adjunct Professor, 2017, 2018

College of Professional and Adult Studies, Hybrid ART 101
Faculty responsibilities include weekly presentations and lectures, instruction in drawing, color theory and art history, online and in class lesson planning.

East Arkansas Community College

Adjunct Professor, 2017

ART 1003 hybrid course — campus / online studies
Faculty responsibilities include weekly slide presentations and lectures on topics such as the purpose and elements of art, as well as instruction in color theory, art history and writing an art analysis paper.

Northwest Mississippi Community College  

Professor of Studio Arts 

2014, 2016, 2018-Present

Full-time instructor of foundation courses including Design I & 2, Color Theory, Computers in Art, Advertising Design, and Intro to Art. Duties include creating lesson plans and assignments, lecturing, grading, keeping office hours. Utilized technology to enhance teaching and the educational experience.

Memphis College of Art
Graduate Assistant Instructor, 2015   
Foundations; 2D design, provided instruction under the supervision of professor, graded assignments, facilitated student critiques, graded and lectured.

Northwest Mississippi Community College  
Community Education Instructor, 2015, 2016
Instructed adults in painting, mixed media and drawing.
Created materials such as visual aids and supplementary notes. Lectured, demonstrated and facilitated critiques.

Walter Anderson Museum of Art
Community Education Instructor, 2016 –2017 

Instructed adults in mixed media, painting and small metals classes, mentored students; demonstrated processes and delivered lectures.

Arkansas Craft School

Metalsmith Workshop Instructor, 2017 – PRESENT  

Teaching adult metalsmith classes, including instruction on forming, cutting, and soldering copper and sterling silver to create small jewelry pieces.

Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi 2017 – PRESENT  

Teaching adult metalsmith classes, including instruction on forming, cutting, and soldering copper and sterling silver to create small jewelry pieces. 

Mobile Museum of Art

Painting and Metalsmith Workshop Instructor, 2017

Instructed adult painting and metalsmith classes, coached students as they learned abstract painting processes. Taught forming, design, annealing, and soldering of copper and sterling silver. Lectured and created lesson plans , visual aids, and slide presentations.


2018 NWCC Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition

2018 Art Matters – Cutler Crane Gallery

2017 Craftsmens Guild of Mississippi

2017 Stock and Belle
2017 Nasty Women–Marshall Arts

2017 Tangled in Art–Sycamore Arts Guild
2016 Human Nature–Gallery 477

2016 Visual Reverberations

2016 Crosstown Arts, In Form

2016 Accumulations–Ameriprise Gallery

2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 Tin Roof Gallery

2015 Southern College of Optometry, 

In Focus

2016 Guaranty Bank, Spring Expressions

2015 Palladio Collective, Southern Influences

2015 Brode Gallery, Blue

2015 GPAC Jazz: Visual Vibes

2015 Crosstown Arts, Belongings

2014 Memphis College of Art, BFA Exhibition 

2014 Tin Roof Art Walk, Autumn Sojourns

2013 Independence Art Conservatory 

Winter Exhibition

2012 Tin Roof Art Walk, Shine 

2012 No Exit Gallery, Selfies
2011, 2012, 2014 DeSoto Art Walk
2011 DeSoto Arts Council, Spring Show


2018 CoEvolve – Shainberg Gallery 

2017 Stock and Belle

2016 Human Nature–477 Gallery

2015 Ameriprise Gallery, Accumulations
2009 Tin Roof Studio Gallery, Tapestry